Case Study – UK – Administration Support - Parkes’ Office & Event Solutions Ltd

“Having used Timesheet Xpress for well over 12 months now, we have found it has benefited our business in forecasting much more effectively.” - Melody Parkes AMInstLM, Managing Director of Parkes Office & Event Solutions

What is Parkes' Office & Event Solutions...

Parkes’ is a back office business support service that adds value to other businesses. From websites and stationery to complete event management and administrative daily support, Parkes’ are there to help you.

As a member of the Alliance of UK Virtual Assistants, the UK Web Design Assoociation and Institute of Leaders in Management, customers of Parkes’ know they are getting top quality service from experts who are servicing organisations of all sizes from sole traders to public service organisations. Parkes’ prides itself on offering a flexible, reliable, efficient and cost effective service. As a provider of services to many clients, Parkes’ understands the value in keeping track of time and how you can offer maximum value to clients.

How Parkes’ serve their customers:

  • Call Handling
  • Quality Management
  • Event Management
  • Corporate Design & Image
  • Outsourced Admin Support
  • Report & Presentation Proposals

Issues before using Timesheet Xpress...

Prior to the installation of Timesheet Xpress, Parkes’ recorded all jobs for clients through the traditional pen and paper solution. This in itself was time consuming, but ultimately was the transferred into a spreadsheet. Keeping on top of this process took up time for accurate recording and billing of clients. Not only was it time consuming for data input, but running reports to analyse data was an extensive task. While taking time to do these internal tasks, Parkes’ found that it was detracting from time which could be better used serving their clients and prospecting for new business. As a company that prides itself in efficient and reliable services to their customers they knew they had to address their own internal issues, so they looked for a solution to help them manage their systems and ensure their clients received maximum value for money and minimize any potential errors in billing.

Since using Timesheet Xpress...

Now that information is input immediately to Timesheet Xpress, Melody Parkes (MD) said:

“We have found that the information we need to keep track of has been trapped in a more efficient manner and therefore saves time in re-entering data; the big advantage for us is that it greatly reduces the chances of error when billing our clients.”

About Timesheet Xpress...

As the leading application based product for logging and managing project efficiencies in any organisation, Timesheet Xpress is being used by thousands of users in over 40 countries. The software is easily installed on either stand alone or network computers and offers a range of configurations for use in organisations of all sizes from independent consultants relying on accurate tracking of “billable hours” to large corporations who are concerned not only with project management and staff productivity but also with timely management information for the purposes of workforce management and staff optimisation when forecasting and scheduling outputs.

Timesheet Xpress will monitor organisational productivity and performance through time and attendance with quick and easy to use reporting. With accurate and timely information, effective planning and decisions can be confidently made leading to increases in business competitiveness. With links to various applications such as Microsoft Project, Excel, Timesheet Xpress offers a seamless integration into many existing business applications in organisations of all sizes and in many sectors.