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Timesheet Xpress Features (PDF)

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Product Features

Works Standalone  Works Standalone
Network version  Network version
Cloud File Storage  Cloud File Storage
Print Timesheets & reports  Print Timesheets and Reports
Centrally maintain Client Project & Task lists  Centrally maintain Client project and Task Lists
Allocate charges to client projects  Allocate charges to client projects
Run time & billing reports on all employees  Run time and billing reports on all employees
Export Timesheets as PDF, CSV, XLS, HTML etc  Export Timesheets as PDF, CSV, XLS, HTML etc
Enter task notes  Enter task notes
Multiple billing rates allocation  Multiple billing rates allocation
Record expenses & mileage  Record expenses and mileage
Activities (to-do) manager  Activities (to-do) manager
Auto save / back up function  Auto save/backup function
Manage personal Leave and Flexitime  Manage personal leave and flexitime
Input overtime with rates  Input overtime with rates
Employee departmental view  Employee departmental view
Mobile working  Mobile working
Technical Support (optional - email)  Technical Support (optional - email)
Import Outlook Appointments, tasks, contacts   Import Outlook Appointments, tasks, contacts
Manage all employee Leave and Flexitime   Manage all employee Leave and Flexitime
Set & Track project budgets  Set and Track project budgets
Create an invoice  Create an invoice
Network set up wizard  Network set up wizard
Rules based compliance  Rules based compliance
Email submission reminders  Email submission reminders
Email Timesheet from program  Email timesheet from program
Access all employee Timesheets  Access all employee Timesheets
Share task list with colleagues  Share task list with colleagues
Customise Timesheets and reports with logo  Customise Timesheets and reports with logo

System Requirements

Timesheet Xpress is a Windows software based solution. The software can be run on a stand alone PC or across a network.

Client Requirements:

For the installation of our software our minimum specification is:
Computer: Intel Core i3 2GHz or higher
Memory: 2GB or Higher
Monitor: 1366 x 768 (or greater)
Installation: 1GB of free hard disk drive space
Operating System: Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32/64 bit)

Many of our users successfully run Timesheet Xpress on Citrix Terminal Server, as well as OS X and Linux through emulation software. We'll always do our best to keep you up and running, however we can't officially support these configurations.


Server Requirements:

Timesheet Xpress can be run completely standalone and doesn't require any complex database servers or similarly IT intensive resources.  When using with multiple employees, a shared file folder from either your local Windows server or a cloud service such as Dropbox or OneDrive is required.  There are no additional application requirements needed to facilitate the functioning of the software.

Network Requirements:

Impact on network bandwidth should be low.  If you are connecting to remote offices, you can use either cloud services such as Dropbox or OneDrive, or VPNs.  If using a VPN we recommend using the Timesheet Xpress trial period to test suitability with your available network bandwidth.  Whilst normal use should not cause issues, Reporting operations may cause congestion and be slow on low bandwidth VPN links.