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“Timesheet Xpress has made a fundamental difference to the performance of our business; it is extremely easy to use. It was the first timesheet tool we tried; I have no intentions of trying any other” - Chloe Thomas of Indium Web Management

Who is Indium Web Management?…

Indium is a team of highly skilled e-marketers, specialising in optimising the online activities of companies within retail, mail order and catalogue industries. Indium prides itself in adding tangible financial benefits to their client’s organisations via their web management experience. Offering improved online returns on investment, increased customer acquisition, higher retention of customers and an overall increase in online order values, Indium are a cut above the rest in a highly competitive market.

Indium Web management offers the following services to its clients;

  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Web Design and Evaluation
  • Comparison Shopping
  • Pay per click advertising & guidance

Driven by a passion to deliver results that meet customers’ expectations and objectives, understanding their clients and spending valuable time with them is at the forefront of the key to Indium’s success. To achieve success, Indium carefully monitors their project time to ensure deadlines are met, so that customers have the best possible experience.

An example of some of their customers is below.

Issues before using Timesheet Xpress...

As a busy organisation juggling multiple projects for clients with tight project deadlines, Indium used to manage their project time with paper based plans and compute expended manually using a calculator. Obviously this methodology led to several problems around the potential accuracy of data collation (human error), the time taken to go through the manual process of recording and calculating and finally the effort required to analysis the outcomes was extremely burdensome. In the event that clients asked for specific information regarding to project performance and updates, there was no easy way to run a report, someone had to “take time out” to manually collate the information required.

Indium felt that the time taken to produce reports when clients asked took excessive time and may make the organisation feel un-transparent which can sometimes lead clients to feel nervous. A decision was taken to search for an efficient solution which would minimize the time taken to track and estimate project time, whilst facilitating the customers need for timely reports on project updates. sticky pads. Reliance on Diary Management was critical to end of month billing and reports for clients.

Since using Timesheet Xpress...

When searching for a solution to meet their needs, Indium trialled Timesheet Xpress and found the interface and usability of the product very intuitive. Now their internal processes are streamlined and they can quickly see where time is not being used effectively being able to address the issue immediately. For clients now there is much greater degree of transparency, and for Indium they feel that given the competitive nature of their business this adds a great deal of value and comfort to their clients. Once projects have been completed or milestones have been reached, the process of raising invoices is much more seamless, information is recorded daily with costing for the project updated in real-time. There is no fuss now when trying to raise an invoice for clients – details are instantly available.

“Most interestingly, now we have a full year’s data we’ve been able to create a very accurate fixed price offering for negotiating business. This has had a very positive impact on new business conversion because it is much easier to understand our cost of service and definitely much more transparent for potential new clients” says Chloe Thomas of Indium.

About Timesheet Xpress...

As the leading application based product for logging and managing project efficiencies in any organisation, Timesheet Xpress is being used by thousands of users in over 40 countries.

The software is easily installed on either stand alone or network computers and offers a range of configurations for use in organisations of all sizes from independent consultants relying on accurate tracking of “billable hours” to large corporations who are concerned not only with project management and staff productivity but also with timely management information for the purposes of workforce management and staff optimisation when forecasting and scheduling outputs.

Timesheet Xpress will monitor organisational productivity and performance through time and attendance with quick and easy to use reporting.

With accurate and timely information, effective planning and decisions can be confidently made leading to increases in business competitiveness.

With links to various applications such as Microsoft Project, Excel, Timesheet Xpress offers a seamless integration into many existing business applications in organisations of all sizes and in many sectors.