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Timesheet Xpress offers a simple time management and productivity analysis solution that is easy to install, use and administer whilst offering the flexibility of recording activities and time of “mobile workers”. Purchase Time Tracking Software that does not involve ongoing costs - just a one time licence fee, 50% discount for academic institutions.

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City of Peoria, Arizona
 "Timesheet Xpress is feature rich and excellent value. It has enabled the City of Peoria to recover over $1M (US Dollars) annually of operating budget that can now be used for essential services."

Edward Striffler, Design & Construction Manager; City of Peoria Engineering Department


City of Peoria, Arizona
City of Peoria, Arizona
USA - Government
The City of Peoria has used Timesheet Xpress to recover over $1M (US Dollars) annually of operating budget, that can now be used for essential services.

As a highly customisable tool, Timesheet Xpress will manage time and attendance against your own organisational regulations, ensuring projects are staffed effectively and costs are closely monitored for either internal or external billing requirements.

Access rights to various levels of the software may be configured through comprehensive permission rights and the various departmental views of tasks and activities can be customised to ensure only relevant clients, projects and tasks are viewed and accessed at departmental levels.

Once installed, the software can be easily linked to various accounting systems giving managers the flexibility to have multiple rates for costing and salaries along with Flexi/holiday time and any additional absences monitored.

Within the task allocations for budgets it is also possible to allocate Billable and non-Billable time to internal activities – e.g. breaks and lunchtimes. Invoices raised will be generated within the Timesheet Xpress system and providing additional link applications have been purchased, this information will be “pushed" to the various applications to avoid re-keying information and any possible inaccuracies in client or internal billing which could arise.

Additionally from a Human Resources / Management perspective, when running Timesheet Xpress, information is readily available on levels of productivity by individual employee or group. This is valuable information when comparing against benchmark metrics set during performance reviews. The information extracted is based on data input directly by the employee.