Case Study – UK – Pharmaceutical Consulting - Regulis

“Timesheet Xpress has enabled our business to expand with the ability to record work carried out in-house. The great advantage with Timesheet Xpress is not only the time saving element to producing invoices but the ability to achieve efficiency in capturing time chargeable to clients” - Gill Wharton (Finance Department) at Regulis Consulting Ltd.

Who is Regulis Consulting?...

Regulis is a specialist consultancy company providing flexible, tailored European regulatory services and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Regulatory Affairs is crucial for the success of companies, Regulis can work with clients on short and long-term assignments

Regulis, like many consultancy firms, are committed to understanding and meeting their clients’ needs; but over and above that, working in the fast paced pharmaceutical industry time is of the essence, so decisions and actions taken must be made swiftly. Regulis value their clients time as much as their own, to that end, they pride themselves in giving you a guaranteed response within 48 hours of initial request for advice and support – if they can help they will!

Regulis Consulting offers the following key services:

  • PIL User Testing
  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Submissions and License Maintenance
  • Interim Management and In-house Support
  • Organisational & Process Development
  • Training

Once clients engage with Regulis, regular meetings and discussions are held to ensure that projects and work is on schedule and meeting requirements as specified. Feedback on work completed is actively encouraged to ensure a transparent and effective working relationship.

Issues before using Timesheet Xpress...

As with many professional consultants, Regulis Consulting offer a diverse range of expertise to their clients. Maintaining a high standard of delivery and time spent on client projects demands a streamlined and effective project management and business methodology.

Prior to usingTimesheet Xpress, Regulis used spreadsheets to record time worked on client projects. The main problem with this was the sheer internal time taken to extract useful information from the numerous spreadsheets for each client from each consultant. Once the information had been collated, it was another time consuming task to replicate the information into another financial package in order to produce their client Invoices.

The time taken to produce this information and invoices on monthly bases was immense; Regulis searched for a quality solution to their problem and found Timesheet Xpress.

Since using Timesheet Xpress...

The finance department in Regulis now have timely information from the consultants working with clients based on the data input to Timesheet Xpress. The multiple billing rates facility within Timesheet Xpress along with expenses allows the department to effectively and accurately raise invoices to their clients. It is not only the Finance department who have benefited from the implementation of Timesheet Xpress.

“Being able to record and track employee holiday leave is a very beneficial aid to our HR Administration”says Gill Wharton, at Regulis Consulting Ltd.

About Timesheet Xpress...

As the leading application based product for logging and managing project efficiencies in any organisation, Timesheet Xpress is being used by thousands of users in over 40 countries. The software is easily installed on either stand alone or network computers and offers a range of configurations for use in organisations of all sizes from independent consultants relying on accurate tracking of “billable hours” to large corporations who are concerned not only with project management and staff productivity but also with timely management information for the purposes of workforce management and staff optimisation when forecasting and scheduling outputs.

Timesheet Xpress will monitor organisational productivity and performance through time and attendance with quick and easy to use reporting. With accurate and timely information, effective planning and decisions can be confidently made leading to increases in business competitiveness. With links to various applications such as Microsoft Project, Excel, Timesheet Xpress offers a seamless integration into many existing business applications in organisations of all sizes and in many sectors.