Replacement Purchase Key

If you need a replacement licence for an existing Timesheet Xpress installation - due to reinstalling PC, replacement employee, or anything else - you can automatically request your Replacement Purchase Key here, it will be emailed out automatically.

PPN is "Product Purchase Number", PK is "Product Key", both appear in the Help, About window of the installed program.  You must get the PPN from the new replacement installation of Timesheet Xpress you are trying to licence, under that person's Windows login - nothing else will work, including the old PPN, someone else's PPN, etc.

A replacement Purchase Key will only be issued if your licence is valid for the version of Timesheet Xpress you want to use.  If your licence is not valid for the version you are using, i.e. the version was released AFTER Support and Upgrades expired, you'll need to renew your Support and Upgrades Subscription or purchase a Program Upgrade as appropriate.  We don't have older versions of Timesheet Xpress installations available, sorry.


Click here to request your Replacement Purchase Key!