Case Study – UK – Architects - Kevin Cartin Architects

“Timesheet Xpress has made my life so much easier. At the touch of a button I can print reports showing the costs per project to date, it is also very useful when billing on an hourly or time basis.” - M. Hudson, Kevin Cartin Architects

Who is Kevin Cartin Architects?...

Kevin Cartin Architects set up practice in the year 2000. The firm’s experience has embraced a variety of sectors during its short time. Kevin Cartin Architects provide a comprehensive service covering all aspects of building design and project management.

Kevin Cartin Architects Ltd. specialise in:

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Hospitality

Kevin Cartin Architects pride themselves on their flexible approach to provide the services their clients require; working closely with all clients ensures they remain competitive and offer a valuable service whilst producing quality design with a contemporary edge

Issues before using Timesheet Xpress...

Prior to their use of Timesheet Xpress, Kevin Cartin Architects Ltd. recorded time and activities on spreadsheet based timesheets and expenses. Each member of staff completed their sheets each week. Details recorded on their timesheet included job number, hours, expenses (mileage & project costs). Separate timesheets were also completed with all information for each job employees worked on. At the end of the week the completed sheets were emailed to the office manager where they would be collated every Monday, estimated time spent on this process which included transferring the information (Hours and Expenses) to the individual job spreadsheets could amount to a least one hour per week.

“I have saved so much time using Timesheet Xpress ... I no longer need to duplicate information into the job spreadsheets”says M Hudson, Kevin Cartin Architects Ltd

Since using Timesheet Xpress...

The internal processes of Kevin Cartin Architects have been greatly streamlined now since the implementation of Timesheet Xpress; not only in terms of saving physical administrative time in logging activities, it also allows staff to add notes and choose different tasks associated with various client jobs. This information proves very useful for billing as there is much more detail available for review. An added advantage of logging detail is that in the event there may be customer queries on work completed, it provides an easy reference point in providing the detail required to answer customer queries.

“Timesheet Xpress allows me to print out a report showing time / cost of projects to date giving us a snap shot of project progress” says M Hudson.

The facility to record expenses and mileage within the system also assists greatly when processing wages and expenses monthly, staff holiday / leave may also be tracked.

About Timesheet Xpress...

As the leading application based product for logging and managing project efficiencies in any organisation, Timesheet Xpress is being used by thousands of users in over 40 countries.

The software is easily installed on either stand alone or network computers and offers a range of configurations for use in organisations of all sizes from independent consultants relying on accurate tracking of “billable hours” to large corporations who are concerned not only with project management and staff productivity but also with timely management information for the purposes of workforce management and staff optimisation when forecasting and scheduling outputs.

Timesheet Xpress will monitor organisational productivity and performance through time and attendance with quick and easy to use reporting.

With accurate and timely information, effective planning and decisions can be confidently made leading to increases in business competitiveness.

With links to various applications such as accountancy packages (Sage & Quick Books), Microsoft Project, Excel, Timesheet Xpress offers a seamless integration into many existing business applications in organisations of all sizes and in many sectors.