Timesheet Xpress Support

At Timesheet Xpress we're always keen to hear customers' feedback - many of the new features in our program updates come as recommendations or requests from existing users. In order to ensure that you get the most from your software after the first year, we highly recommend maintaining your Support and Upgrades Subscription to ensure that you have support available for you when you need it, and are eligible to use the latest release of Timesheet Xpress.

"We've been using it (Timesheet Xpress ) with great success for a number of years now. It simplifies timesheet logging, tracking and billing tremendously! You are constantly improving the product ... your support is great and value for money absolutely excellent!"

MJ Fick COO of Petanque 

This optional additional package will give you email access to our technical support team in the event you are having difficulties with the software. Most questions can be readily answered in our extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this website or alternatively on the help documentation contained within the software.

However in the event you encounter technical difficulties that are directly related to our software our technical team will resolve it for you as a priority. If a technical fault is caused by user error (e.g. changes in network configurations etc) there may be a flat rate charge levied.  You can Log an Issue via our website.